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Postgraduate visits and open days

Open days and afternoons

We hold a postgraduate open day each November and faculty open afternoons during the spring.

Year-round events

If you are unable to attend an open day, come along to one of our smaller events.

Off-campus visits

We attend study fairs and roadshows across the country, from October to May each year.

Faculty events

Many of our schools hold subject-specific events or can arrange visits for potential applicants.

Virtual tours

If you are unable to visit the University in person, our virtual tour is available throughout the year.

Virtual events and visits

Register on our virtual visits platform to find out about future events of interest to you.

Visits to your country

We attend a wide variety of education events in countries across the world throughout the year.

Disabled access

The University has teamed up with DisabledGo to provide you with detailed information about the accessibility of our facilities.

Undergraduate open days and visits

Find out about our undergraduate open days and other opportunities to visit.

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