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Open days and visits

Open days

Book your place now on our June undergraduate open days on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June and spend a day with us this summer. 

Campus tours

Our student-led undergraduate campus tours run throughout the year, and include general University buildings and facilities.

Visit days for offer holders

Our visit days for offer holders give you a feel for student life in Bristol and a detailed insight into your course and department from staff and students.

Off-campus events

We attend a variety of events organised by UCAS and schools and colleges across the UK.

Visits to your country

We attend a wide variety of education events worldwide throughout the year.

Virtual events and tours

If you are unable to visit the University in person, virtual tours and events are available throughout the year.

Mature student events

Come to a mature student information session to find out more about studying at Bristol.

Postgraduate visits and open days

We run and attend a range of postgraduate events during the academic year.

The atmosphere and friendliness is definitely a reason I chose to come to Bristol. At open days and events, students are willing to speak to you about anything and everything!

Rosie (LLB Law)
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