Web style guide

The web style guide is your central resource for publishing content to the University web presence and social media channels. 

  • How to guides

    Practical advice and guidance on creating, designing and managing content, on the University's content management systems and on social media.

  • Managing your website

    How to get access and become a web publisher for an existing website; request, build and launch a website on the University web presence.

  • Web content strategy

    The University Web Content Strategy explains what content strategy is and why it is important for the University's web presence.

  • Policies and governance

    How the University website is managed and our compliance with legal requirements relating to the web.

  • Systems and tools

    An overview of the content management systems, wikis, blogs and other systems that contribute to the University's web presence.

  • Internal-facing secure areas

    Current policy on secure, internal-only intranets, and the process for requesting a new intranet.

  • Training and support

    Links to training courses, training manuals and online tutorials.

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The web style guide is managed by the Digital Communications team. Please contact the team if you have any comments or suggestions, or for further assistance.