Audit & Risk Committee

University of Bristol Audit & Risk Committee


Category of membership


Treasurer (Chair) 

Mr Andrew Poolman

Lay member of the Board of Trustees 

Dr John Manley

Lay member of the Board of Trustees

Dr Moira Hamlin

Co-opted member   

Ms Julie Goldstein

Co-opted member 

Professor Mary Bishop

Co-opted member

Mr Andrew Willis

In attendance

  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Provost
  • The Chief Operating Officer
  • The Registrar
  • The Vice-Chancellor and President (at least once per year)
  • The Head of Internal Audit
  • The External Audit Lead Partner


Two, of whom at least one must be a lay member of the Board of Trustees. 

Terms of Reference 

For the terms of reference of the University of Bristol Audit Committee, please refer to the Standing Order on Committees of the Board of Trustees (Office document, 59kB).

Meeting dates 2018/19

Monday 10 September 2018

Monday 22 October 2018

Monday 4 February 2019

Monday 29 April 2019

Friday 19 July 2019


Meeting dates 2019/20

Monday 14 October 2019

Monday 20 January 2020

Monday 27 April 2020

Monday 6 July 2020

 Committee Secretary 

Helen Cole, (0117) 42 83171